Where have all the orca gone?


The blog I didn’t want to write!

The sun was shining, the winds had dropped, the seas were calm and the orca… well, they weren’t there! 

We searched high and low leaving no corner of the Bremer Canyon unsearched. While passengers kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful day out on the water, we stayed positive ALWAYS because you never know when you’ll find them. Alas, we never sighted the familiar blow of an orca. Wild orca, absolutely beautiful but having zero control over them is the price we pay. And you know what? We wouldn’t want it any other way!! So the mystery continues of the orca whereabouts as the crew regroup and plan for another beautiful weather day tomorrow. 

Our orca guarantee means our passengers can return again for another crack at the Bremer Bay Killer Whales. 

By Naturaliste Charter