Whale that was an EPIC long weekend!

We’ve had the most incredible encounters whilst whale watching over the long weekend down here in the southwest! 

From the world’s LARGEST animal, the BLUE WHALE to the most EPIC and close breaching humpbacks that we’ve EVER encountered, it sure is hard to choose which tour was the best! 

Thanks to the SouWest whale monitors at Point Piquet we now know that we’ve had more blue whale sightings in September than ANY other year! October is definitely the month to head out on a tour with us if you’re wanting to lay your eyes on these incredible ocean giants, which weigh a whopping 180 tonnes and span 33m in length! 

Yesterday afternoon we were treated to the most energetic female humpback, showing off and BREACHING for over an hour right alongside the vessel. Our customers (and crew) were even able to get whale selfies (the whale-fie) as she repeatedly launched her 45-tonne body out of the water! 

We were also so spoilt with the first two sunset tours of the season! Glowing orange skies and large pods of humpbacks right at our bow made for the most surreal end to an EPIC long weekend down here in the southwest. Stay tuned for more whale updates and don’t forget to check out the pics! 

MG 9273 300x180 MG 9276 300x172 MG 9283 300x195 MG 9303 300x201 MG 9324 300x187 MG 9369 300x211 MG 9375 300x190 MG 9382 300x199 MG 9401 300x200 MG 9449 300x200 MG 9452 300x200 500 6789 300x200 500 6801 300x200 MG 9481 300x206 MG 9491 300x185 MG 9531 300x202 MG 9549 300x207 MG 9555 300x200 MG 9603 300x162 MG 9609 300x152 MG 9635 2 300x204 MG 9641 300x181 MG 9650 300x174 MG 9653 300x191 MG 9667 300x197 MG 9674 300x205 MG 9687 300x197 MG 9694 300x220 MG 9703 300x200 MG 9761 300x200 MG 9795 300x200 MG 9803 300x188 MG 9825 200x300


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