Whale of a week in the west!

28/08/2020 With near millpond conditions in Geographe Bay the whales have been easy to spot from the moorings whilst we’re still conducting our pre-tour presentations! We haven’t had to venture far before the humpbacks start to put on a show for us! From tail-slaps, pec-slaps, belly rolls, and of course the money shot BREACHES we’ve been absolutely spoilt! 

It was a slow start to the season with the southern right whale activity with the majority of sightings being sporadic and short-lived…until now! 

Bunker Bay has been the place to be over the past week with at least SIX adults and two mother/calf pairs residing in the clear, calm waters. The promiscuous adults haven’t been leaving much to the imagination as they attempt to woo and impress the ladies! From courtship behaviour to breaching the southern rights have been anything but their usual docile selves! The cute little calves have been getting amongst the action too, surfing the breakers and annoying their 90-tonne mothers for even more endless entertainment for our customers! 

With word from the northern whale watching companies in Broome, Kalbarri, Rottnest and Perth it sounds like we’re in for a good few months ahead as the humpbacks make their way south in the masses! Bring on a beautiful weekend of whale watching in the southwest! 


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