Formation of Fifty

Published on March 9, 2020 By brelsdon

The 9th of March, 2020 update for our orca in australia, With no luck at the hotspot this morning we decided to run west! We’ve been so lucky at the hotspot the past few weeks that it was about time we had to go for a proper patrol! Just like clockwork, once we hit Shrek’s, […]

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Published on March 8, 2020 By brelsdon

The hotspot for orca in australia has NEVER been hotter! 5 pods over 5 hours!  Out FIRST glance at killer whales was one BRIGHT orange flash…NEO! The TINY orange dot of a calf was airborne multiple times as we cruised closer! The pod’s other 3-4-year-old youngster was in PRIME form! He rolled upside down with […]

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The Originals!

Published on March 7, 2020 By brelsdon

For today’s update on our whale watching in western australia. The original orca in australia crew overtook the hotspot today! El Notcho and his gang scouted the seas in a very widespread manner. The pod came together into an echelon formation on multiple occasions, exciting us as if they were beginning to hunt! The dives […]

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Published on March 4, 2020 By Pia Markovic

We were blessed with sunshine from the onset of the expedition and throughout. With the sun shining down the orca were out to hunt and play!  Just like clockwork as we dropped off the shelf we heard the classic call of “Orca blows 12 O’clock!”. There was a bit of excitement as the orca surged […]

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New Tricks of Killer Whales

Published on March 3, 2020 By Pia Markovic

Today’s expedition certainly turned it on! We ventured to the west of the hotspot towards the typical Orca blows to find a large pod of twelve or so just ‘cruising’. With the shearwaters swirling above the orca moved forward and back along the 1000 metre contour line. We had Chalky (large bull), Kidji (large female), […]

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