Bremer Bay


Published on May 19, 2021 By Pia Markovic

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Published on March 17, 2020 By Pia Markovic

Today in our Orca Whale Watching in Bremer Bay was different from the get go! As we pulled out on our canyon bound journey we noticed a large swirl of birds west of our normal route. We went over to investigate and found three rafts of Albatross on the water’s surface and over fifty Shearwaters […]

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Published on March 16, 2020 By Pia Markovic

16th of March 2020 update on our orca adventure in western australia. The originals were back in their home range again today! Commanding our attention from the bow, wheel house and back deck. Cookie, El Notcho, Swirl and the youngster Oreo with another two orca were travelling west but certainly were not in a hurry. […]

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Published on March 15, 2020 By Pia Markovic

“Seeing dolphins as you leave the harbour is a sure sign of a great day” is a saying I have stuck by since working in the tourism industry! Today supported that as Bottlenose dolphins guided us out to sea… BON VOYAGE! A quick journey out meant we had inshore bottlenose dolphins and orca all before […]

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Nothing Short of Epic

Published on March 14, 2020 By Pia Markovic

Today began in the hotspot with only fleeting glimpses of Orca blows and dorsal fins!  For many of our passengers it was their first time ever seeing wild orca. They buckled in because we were about to be taken on a whirlwind journey! With one pod of orca spending a large amount of time scouring […]

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