Surfs UP!

Hello killer whale lovers!

I’m Kirsten another intern out on the magical Bremer canyon whale watching tour this week! After two absolutely cracking days on the water I was apprehensive on whether my third day would live up to my already high standard. It of course did, and I can tell you why. En route to the deep ocean we stumbled across a 3m hammerhead shark, wow spoilt already.

As soon as we descended off the continental shelf into 1000m of water the Orcas were up and about. Notcho, Cookie, Swirl and little Oreo all seemed to be on a mission. Something I have found fascinating about Orcas is their changing behaviour throughout the day as well as day to day.

Suddenly it appeared that the hunt was on. Dundee our skipper was on the ball, revved the engines and we were on our way, hoping to witness a kill and by 9.50am! We followed the Orca pod on their surge and we were eager to see what the outcome was. The answer to this we will never know, but that’s what makes observing these wild creatures so raw and exhilarating. The pod turned into the swell and their dives became more prolonged, unfortunately we couldn’t keep up. Their power astonishes me!

If they had a good feed, it sure would explain the afternoon siesta, as the next few hours were pretty quiet on the Orca front. As always we had some unreal Wandering Albatross and even a NZ fur seal to fill their absence.

We never stopped looking and eventually we found them, of course, back at the hotspot, go figure. We were then treated to the best/only orca surfing comp I have ever seen. They were flying in under the boat showing off their rolling skills and carving along the waves. The Orcas sure do love the stronger winds and the surf that comes with it. We were so spoilt, the customers and crew alike roared and cheered, all becoming silent in awe one the orca finally dispersed. Our hearts were full.

It is fair to say that every day is special and different out here on the canyon. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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