Spectacular season starter!

We are well and truly into the start of the whale season here in Augusta! Today we had a beautiful big humpback cruising quietly through flinders bay only perking up as soon as it moved out into deeper waters.

The large humpie barrel rolled and flung itself around on the surface, showing off it’s strength and making it look easy by throwing up to 40 tonne of whale around. It tail lobbed over and over while our passengers watched on in awe.

While cruising out of the harbour we were greeted by a small pod of racing dolphins, they hitched a ride out into deeper waters where they fed on the masses of bait fish currently schooling in the bay. One more bottlenose dolphin was spotted on the way in, riding our bow and eyeballing the passengers looking down over the front of the vessel into calm clear water!

This season is set to be a special one!! Stay tuned for more blogs and photos throughout the season.

By Naturaliste Charter
By Naturaliste Charter

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