So much to love about this place!!


Today was a quiet day on the seas… we searched and searched, but alas, no orcas to be seen. The occasional bird dancing across turbulence created by waves, and a mighty male sperm whale popped up to day g’day… Let’s get out tomorrow and have another crack. We cant wait!!!! 

In the meantime, our lovely Marine Biologist Intern Sam wrote about her time down here with us in Bremer Bay… Enjoy.

5 Reasons to Adventure with Naturaliste Charters in the Bremer Canyon. 

I recently spent five days aboard Naturaliste Charters’ custom built vessel, the Alison Marie, on their Bremer Bay killer whale expeditions. 

After five memorable days, I thought it fitting to find five reasons why a trip on the Alison Marie should be the next thing you tick off or add to your bucket list.

1. To come “face to fin” with apex predators 

Great Whites, Beaked Whales, Squid and seals all comprise an orcas varied diet. Yes, you read that correctly, even Great White Sharks have been on the menu before! Orcas have no known predators and work together in pods to take down their prey in collaborative and methodical attacks. This truly is nature at its rawest and is something you have the possibility to see out in the Bremer Canyon.

2. To experience the powerful Southern Ocean

A trip out on the Southern Ocean is an experience in itself! Once you leave the dock in Bremer Bay, the skipper picks up the pace and heads 24 nautical miles out to the canyon. The journey can be rough and sea sickness tablets are advised, but the ride definitely gets the adrenalin pumping and is one you wont forget!

3. To see a Wandering Albatross, which has the largest wingspan of any bird on Earth

Stretching up to 3.5m across, the wingspan of a Wandering Albatross is sure to leave you in awe! These flying giants soar through the sky above the Bremer Canyon and often gorge on food left behind from an Orca attack.

4. You never know what animal you may encounter

Whilst Orcas are the main drawcard, the canyons off Bremer boast a great variety of marine life! My surprise encounter was a pod  of long finned pilot whales including one tiny (and adorable) calf. Your surprise encounter could be anything from a sunfish to Sperm Whales or even a Blue Whale!

5. Meet a crew that treats you like family! 

As soon as you step foot on the Alison Marie you are met with the warm and welcoming smiles of a knowledgeable crew who are just as excited for the day ahead as you are! The crew are there to make your trip truly unforgettable and go to every effort to ensure you get the most out of your day (and will even keep your spirits up if you do get struck by sea sickness!)

There you have it, five reasons to get yourself down to Bremer! 

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