The bumpy trip to the canyon was worth it as soon as we hit the hotspot! Five juveniles were frolicking in the gloomy grey waters. The bubbles and underbellies turned the water a turquoise blue, making it hard to miss the action beneath the surface!

The entire morning was spent watching the energetic youngsters ride down the swell lines and under the vessel, checking us out momentarily before darting out the other side! To an untrained eye you’d likely think the surface action was a predation, the way the calves were rolling on top of each other and thrashing around! It almost looked as though the kiddies were pretending that one of them was a beaked whale as they pushed the one at the front around on their nose, flipping it right out of the water! What good practice! The juveniles all took turns before the adults soon surfaced and snatched them away from the boat!

Urkel, Noosa, Split-tip and Flapper were all there! If only we could understand what they were conversing about! The two pods split back up and went their separate ways. Still no sign of hunting!

Our most exciting part of the day was definitely when the pods surged us west! It wasn’t long before we had orca punching up behind us and out of the wake! Split-tip certainly stole the show as she flipped upside down into a headstand of sorts, hovering her tail in the air on a stand still! This incredible matriarch has such a presence when she’s alongside us! Her size, age and wisdom definitely showed through as she showed off for us, manoeuvring her body with such ease!

By the afternoon the clouds had parted and the sun was shining through making the ocean the most incredible deep blue. The orca came right alongside us and formed the most perfectly straight line, at least 8 sprawled across the surface! It was time for a snooze in the sunshine! The Killer whales (orca) breathed in unison, only shallow diving as they cruised in their close formation! It was a rare and memorable sight! It’s easy to say, it was another EPIC day in Bremer Bay!

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