Naturaliste Charters Daily Whale Blogs

Sunsets and whale watching… no better combo!

Published on July 2, 2021 By Naturaliste Charters

Naturaliste Charters have operated for many decades here in the south-west and over this time have understood the variability for whales throughout the day. You can never predict a whale’s behaviour or “when they will jump” but we do know what time the sun goes down! By combining our premium whale watching tours with a magnificent time of day you can end up with an unforgettable spectacl

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Why Are Blue Whales Endangered and What Can You Do To Help?

Published on June 15, 2021 By Alison Cross

Tourism allows us to see, understand, learn about and appreciate whales. This means that we are more empowered to help make changes for the better. Whale watching in Western Australia is a way that you can be a part of this story in a positive way.

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The first week of whale watching in Geographe Bay!

Published on June 9, 2021 By Alison Cross

The first few days of our Busselton Whale Watching in Geographe Bay season have really set the bar HIGH! We have been MUGGED by humpback whales of all age and sizes for the majority of our 2 hour tours and haven't had to venture far from the...

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Killer whales ARE whale killers

Published on June 8, 2021 By Alison Cross

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BLUE WHALES are here! Whale watching in Geographe Bay!

Published on June 7, 2021 By Alison Cross

The past week of whale watching in Dunsborough has been absolutely mind blowing and I don't quite know where to start!! It's only September and we've encountered Blue whales migrating through the area already! Usually the BEST time to see Blue...

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