Another day of instantaneous orca visit in our killer whale watching tour in Bremer Bay!

We had Nani and Neo’s pod with us SOON as we hit the hotspot! Little Neo the neo-nate is growing stronger every day!! 

The two juveniles from the pod were clearly bored with babysitting their younger sibling Neo! It was as if the adults let the two roam free for the morning and they didn’t leave our side for HOURS! 

The two followed behind us, swimming RIGHT up to the go pros as we cheered for more! The pair were so intrigued by the hull, even pressing their noses up against the vibrations of the hull!!!! 

It was time for the next game! Chasey!!! The two curious youngsters just hovering at the bow, looking up at everyone as they waved hello! We almost saw more underbelly action today than the WHOLE season combined! One of the juveniles, in particular, kept popping his head out of the surface and just laid beside our stationary boat with the waves lapping over her! 

We’ve honestly never witnessed such docile movements by the orca, every surface looked as if it was in slow motion! You could see the entire outline of the orcas as they brushed up alongside both sides of the vessel, only millimetres away from the hull! 

We stayed with the pod the entire day! The rest of the pod was never far off us, occasionally coming close to check on the youngsters AND of course to give us a better look at little Neo! 

Today was just one of those days where you HAD to be here, not even the photos do it justice! 

It was definitely one of those days that will be imprinted in our brains for all of eternity. 

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