Humpback Highway in Full Swing!

With over 30 pods migrating through Geographe Bay yesterday it was hard to miss the action! Energetic juveniles breaching, tail-slapping, head-lunging, and peduncle-slapping! It was hard to choose where to focus as we had whales at our 12, 1, 4, AND 9 O’Clock! Whales use breaching for many reasons, from dislodging dead skin cells and barnacles, to communication and defense! BUT yesterday it was clear that they were all joining in the action for sheer fun! If you’re a tourist passing through the southwest of WA we highly recommend making your way down Cape Naturaliste to Point Picquet! This is a renowned whale monitoring sight where you’re almost guaranteed to encounter whales from the shore! OR if you want a closer look, head out on one of our charters that depart from Dunsborough AND Busselton at 10 am & 2 pm daily! 


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