Flinders Bay, Augusta in Australia’s beautiful southwest region is a winter whale wonderland! The area harbours multiple species of migratory marine mammals from May-August each year. If you wish to encounter Humpback whales, Southern Right whales, dolphins AND on special occasions, the BLUE WHALE, all from the comfort of a custom-built southern ocean vessel then Naturaliste Charters has you covered! 

A Winter Whale Wonderland 

Whale watching in Augusta is so consistent that we guarantee you’ll see whales OR you can come back for FREE! The humpback whales are the first to hit the coast in large numbers and are the predominant species that we encounter on our charters. Humpbacks never disappoint as they LOVE to put on a show! Their curious and boisterous nature often means they’re either RIGHT up alongside the vessel OR launching their 40-tonne bodies right out of the water! The tours are always action PACKED, from inquisitive juveniles to pods of competitive bulls fighting for a female’s attention as they surge around the bay! The crystal-clear waters along the coast make witnessing these magnificent marine creatures rising from the depths toward our vessel VERY easy! From the powerful pumps of their tail to the playful slaps of their pec fins there is never a dull moment with humpback whales!

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Witness Newborn Calves in the Calm Coastal Waters of the Bay

The southern right whales are much LARGER than humpbacks (in fact, double the weight) at a whopping 80 tonnes! Their thick blubber and slow swimming speeds mean they much prefer the cool, protected waters of the southwest to breed, calve and rest with their newborn calves. Here’s a fun fact for you: southern right whales give birth to 1-TONNE babies AND they often nurse their calves within 500m of the beach! On the rare occasion we are lucky enough to witness these gigantic mammals BREACH their entire body right out of the water! There is truly nothing quite like it, from the plume of white water to the cracking sound that dissipates throughout the rest of the bay when they land. Southern right whales are a funny looking whale that you just MUST encounter! 

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The new state of the art harbour enables any and EVERYONE to board with ease and is also now home to the “Ocean Grown Abalone” company that sustainably grow, harvest and process abalone right here in the South-West.

Our vessel “Alison Maree” is a modern, spacious and luxurious 20m catamaran that provides the ultimate in stability, comfort and safety making her a popular choice for all ages and those with less mobility. With multiple viewing decks, you can spot wildlife both outside and among the action or indoors away from the elements. 

View St Alouran, Flinders and Seal Islands on Tour

The islands are significant for their copious bird and large seal colonies which can be seen with ease from the vessel. The whales regularly manoeuvre through the channels between the islands as they venture out into open waters after residing in the protected waters of Flinders Bay. We’re never short on experiencing the ACTION out there either! Tail slaps,  deep-diving fluke lifts and BREACHES are just some of the surface activity we encounter out in the deeper waters whilst you can also take in the beautiful scenery as we cruise past the Islands that encapsulate the bay.

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The Leeuwin Lighthouse

After the tour and whilst you’re in the south-west you must visit the Leeuwin Lighthouse, where the roaring seas of Southern and the Indian Oceans meet. After your tour, you’ll be much more informed about the beautiful area and the whales that inhabit it as our onboard marine biologist provides information and expert commentary throughout the duration of your tour. We are not only the founding operators of the south-west whale watching tours but our crew are committed to giving you an outstanding and educational experience. In fact, we’re SO confident that we GUARANTEE that we will find you whales OR you can join us again for FREE!

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