Dolphins dancing with humpbacks!

Over the past week, we’ve really noticed a shift in all things nautical!

Since the last storm passed the cape we’ve had incredible weather, more whales, AND clearer waters! This combination made for the perfect “textbook” tour yesterday. From the moment we left the moorings, we’d sighted the blows of humpbacks with pods from 15m deep right out wide and breaching on the horizon. We were in for a good tour! 

As we ventured out toward the swan wreck we had encountered some very large tail flukes with peduncles as thick as the Boranup tree trunks! Our mature whales aren’t often phased by the vessel but yesterday was the exception. From port to starboard the whales kept switching sides, making for the perfect 360 views for the customers. The deep blue waters made it hard to spot the whales as they rose for a breath, often distinguishing the whales first by the sound of their vocal exhales! We were being MUGGED! From spy-hops to belly rolls these whales we’rent in a hurry! 

Once we’d hopped from one pod to another all the way toward Bunker Bay we’d noticed a little more action on the Cape! A pod of whales were throwing their tails, pec slapping and making quite the commotion! As we edged closer we sighted tiny falcate fins in between the pod of whales, DOLPHINS! By now the swell was almost 3m, we were rolling over the peaks beautifully as the dolphins surfed down the back of the bow alongside. The dolphins didn’t quit! Under, over, and between the whales they twirled and twined, the whales showing equal signs of entertainment and frustration….very fun for us! 

We rolled over the swell for over 40mins while taking in the sunshine and the show! Pure bliss! Bring on today! 

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