Checked out by Curious Calves!

After no orca yesterday and many return customers we all left the harbour in anticipation! On our arrival to the hotspot, we were greeted by 100’s of dancing storm petrels sipping on a dissipating oil slick! WHAT had we missed?! With the scent still strong we hadn’t missed it by much and the orca couldn’t be far away. We decided to head SW and it paid off! Tail slaps in the distance we’re what caught our eye! Three playful calves were frolicking in the sunshine and being closely watched by one of our matriarchs Razor! Razors’ calf blade is growing immensely and still isn’t quite one year of age!

The youngsters were almost playing chicken with the vessel, darting in from every direction, turning just in time to miss the bow! The tiny moving glows of their underbellies lit up just beneath the surface making them so easy to spot! However, it wasn’t long before Razor swooped in and collected the calves to join the rest of the pod!

We cruised with two pods in sight for hours as they took up toward the shelf before turning back to the hotspot. Razor and blade dropped off from the rest of the pod and cruised closely beside us on our starboard side. Razor is so comfortable with us now that she allows Blade to play on the inside of her!

One of our sprouting males Digby led the way back to the hotspot with three lovely ladies closely beside him. Digby’s dorsal fin still has a fair bit of growing to do as it wobbles as it breaks through the surface! Once we arrived back to the hotspot we were greeted by Nibbles and his pod! We all wonder where they had disappeared to yesterday! After consecutive years we STILL have so many questions! Mostly arising from the unknown! Where do they go? WHAT do they do there! From no orca yesterday to another GREAT day here with our Bremer Bay Orca Watching! All we hope is that they had a fun Australia Day!

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