40 orca in 5 minutes!

After two days off due to weather, we were eager to hit the canyon! The residual swell that remained from the storm system left almost perfect conditions for the orca! After no luck at the hotspot, we went west and parallel to the continental shelf. We searched well past Shreks before the call we had all been waiting for went out…THERE SHE BLOWS! Orca ahead and inbound.

As we approached more and more fins appeared, in tight groups, three pods were apparent. Koomba, Bear, and Nibbles were the dominant males that distinguished the pods. Razor’s calf blade stole the show, repeatedly tail slapping, both inverted and upside down! Blade showed no sign of listening to his mum as he darted in toward the bow. Blades immense surface activity increased with our cheers and squeals! It wasn’t long before the youngster was told off and forced alongside his mother!

Today we encountered orca that until today we had only sighted once this season!  Lucky, spot and Kirra to name a few! Previously these pods were witnessed on a social day out at the Henry Canyon where it seemed the ENTIRE catalogue of orca were mating and interacting across pods!

It makes you wonder, WHERE have these pods been? We found the orca today in a “no man’s land”, where the orca have rarely been sighted before. Why this area? Why so many pods, over 40 orca at LEAST? On our way back toward home, we came across another 2-3 pods! SIX different family groups in one day AND in an area, we were lucky to stumble across them!

Throughout the day the orca pods began to come together as one. The duration of their dives increased from 3 to over 5 minutes for each decent. Small oil slicks emerged from the depths suggesting they were snacking on fish. We were waiting for something BIG! With this many orca in one area, it would be absolute carnage if they came across a decent-sized feed!

Unfortunately, today wasn’t the day! After some EXTREMELY close passes and at least 7-10 orca surfacing in unison RIGHT at our bow multiple times, it’s easy to say, we were all more than happy! With the sun shining through the clouds the ocean went a deep blue, making the black and white contrast of the glowing orca all the more beautiful (and GREAT for the pictures too)!

Safe to say, it was another EPIC day for a Bremer Bay Killer Whale Watching Tour.

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