The two BEST spots for Whale watching in the South West of WA!

Busselton & Dunsborough:

Whale watching in Busselton couldn’t be easier! In Busselton you will board the vessel from the protected waters of the Busselton Marina which is located only 10km out of town. Our Legend Charters vessel is 18m and holds 30 customers, making it substantially smaller than our whale watching vessel in Dunsborough. The Dhu Force is a great option for small family’s and eager adventure goers as you can get up close and personal with the extensive array of marine life that Geographe Bay has on offer! The smaller vessel definitely enables a more intimate, close up and personal day with the whales! 

On tour we often cruise past the Busselton Jetty where the whales are readily sighted during peak season! We then head out to the 20-30m depth zone which we like to call the “humpback highway” where the majority of the whales migrate between September and December! The larger adult whales use the deeper waters as a channel where we always encounter energetic surface activity from BREACHING, tail-slapping and…our favourite SPY-HOPPING! This is where the whales lift their entire head out of the water and open their eye to check us out on the deck!!!! There is truely nothing quite like staring a 40 tonne animal in the eye as they look back at you as if they’re “people watching’…if only we knew what they were thinking! 

From energetic juveniles to boisterous males and new born calves there are endless encounters to be had on the Dhu Force! Not to mention the weather throughout our Busselton season consists of calm and crystal clear waters a far as the eye can see! We also suggest keeping your eye on the horizon every now and again where we see HUGE plumes of white water erupting at the surface as pods of whales communicate in the distance through BREACHING! 

In Dunsborough we load our customers from the beach which really sets the tone for the tour! The Alison Maree is a 22m Purpose built catamaran, with multiple viewing decks and all areas access for an optimal experience with the whales from all angles! Geographe Bay is the last place these incredible animals stop in the south-west before heading back to their feeding grounds which are all the way down in Antarctica. The southern right whales also breed, calve and rest in the area for extended periods making whale watching in the south-west extremely accessible for EVERYONE, even from the shore!

Regular occurrences include being MUGGED by humpback whales and their curious 3 month old calves, dolphins riding our bow and stern, southern right whales frolicking in the shallows AND blue whales steaming past us in less than 10m of water!!!! We are SO lucky in Geographe Bay to frequently witness the BLUE WHALE which is the worlds LARGEST animal that has EVER existed, even bigger than ANY dinosaur that has roamed the earth! These 25-33m alien-like giants extend 10m longer than our vessel and ALWAYS provide a jaw-dropping experience!! 

 On the odd occasion we have also had visits by Dwarf and Minke whales! We have also sighted mako sharks, hammerheads, whites, bronzes, duskies, turtles, seals, stingrays and MUCH MORE! 

We have left the BEST cetacean til last as this season we have had over 5 confirmed sightings of KILLER WHALES extending from Perth, Bunbury and all the way down to Cape Naturaliste which is where we venture to on our Dunsborough whale watching charters! The orca sightings are becoming more frequent as they are starting to follow the southern migration of the humpbacks as they tend to target the calves! The killer whales hunt in family pods and seperate the mothers from the calves, break the youngsters jaw and only eat the tongue as its the most nutrient dense past of the animal! We have also encountered over 5 humpbacks with their dorsal fins missing from killer whale attacks, its great to see they survived the hunt! ! It surely won’t be long until we have a sighting of these apex predators on one of our tours!!!! 

In this case a picture really does speak 1000 words! The crystal clear waters allow you to sight ALL of these magnificent marine mammals  of the deep below the surface as they rise from the depths RIGHT beside the vessel! The feeling you get when a whale lifts its head out of the water to look you in the eye is indescribable AND for many, a once in a lifetime experience! If this hasn’t enticed you to come whale watching in the most affordable, accessible and BEAUTIFUL part of the south-west then heres a few more reasons why you should visit this incredible part of the world! 

Things to do in the area before or after your tour! 

1. There are an endless number of impressive and highly rated Wineries & Breweries from Busselton all the way to Margaret River with exceptional food, ambiance and views! A few of the crews favourites include, Wild Hop Brewery, Wise Winery (views of the ocean), Cheeky Monkey, Black Brewing Co and Aravina Estate! 

2. Yallingup, which was just voted top town in Australia for 2019 by the Australian Traveller Magazine! (Check out Caves House and all the incredible Caves in the area!) 

3. Smiths Beach and Indjidup Spa, two areas that will blow your mind with their natural beauty! 

4. The Mazes! A great afternoon adventure for the family! 

5. Sugarloaf Rock for sunset (where orca have been sighted on multiple occasions this season)!!! 

6. Busselton Jetty, were sure this one is already on your radar but you can even sight whales from the end of the jetty during peak whale season (Sept-Dec) 

7. The beaches! Meelup Beach has been voted one of the BEST beaches in the WORLD! Eagle Bay, Bunker Bay, Castle Bay…ALL of these beaches are located down Cape Naturaliste Road, a short 5min drive out of Dunsborough! 


Meelup beach view
By Naturaliste Charter Meelup beach view
A view of a long bridge
By Naturaliste Charter A view of a long bridge
Tourists inside a cave
By Naturaliste Charter Tourists inside a cave

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