Whale thats a WRAP for the WA northern migration!

The northern migration of whales up the WA coast is coming to an end for the 2019 season! 


The past few weeks Flinders Bay has been oh so southern right!! We have been witness to over five mother calf pairs breaching, playing and frolicking in the sunshine! We have had multiple close encounters by the inquisitive youngsters that seem to be getting more confident with each pass across the vessel! The youngest of the bunch has been named Archie and he definitely loves to put on a show for us! 


The WA northern humpback migration has almost come to an end for our humpbacks as we have seen very few and sporadic sightings in Flinders Bay, Augusta over the past week. However you don’t have to travel far in the south-west pocket to encounter these majestic giants! Throughout the southern migration we encounter over 10% of the ENTIRE WA population in Geographe Bay which equates to roughly 4500 humpbacks from now until December!!! 


The large males, energetic juveniles AND mother calf pairs have already been sighted moving through the bay and past Point Picquet over the past week. The recently quiet bay is now a steady flowing humpback highway, with sightings of solitary blows, close shore passes to entire pods of breaching whales!!! 


Humpbacks aren’t the only ones beginning to frequent the iridescent blue waters of Cape Naturaliste, we now have southern rights and their calves too! These gentle giants are DOUBLE the weight of the humpbacks are are almost always sighted within 300m of the shore, making them an easy species to sight from the shore! 


It doesn’t even end there!!! We have also had confirmed sightings of KILLER WHALES and MINKE WHALES around the Cape and within the bay!!! 


All these observations are just the BEGINNING for the southern migration and from now until December we will be VERY busy having a WHALE of a time, come join us and watch whales in Augusta























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