This morning was a feat as we attempted to find a mere blow or dorsal fin between the white wash that spooled off the wave crests like surging orca! After venturing both far and wide the orca ended up finding us and they did NOT disappoint! Our customers were witness to the most impressive spy hops we’ve ever seen, followed by juveniles surfing the swell toward us as speed! We were also shocked when we later realised that the juveniles (Billie and Nani) were in fact playing with a Norwest blowfish that had puffed itself up at the surface to deter the cheeky little youngsters! There is still ample activity out here in the canyon and we are so excited to see how the rest of the season unveils! It's starting to get darker now that April is upon us and we were spectators to a beautiful sunset on our arrival back into the harbour as the sun peered through the ominous clouds above! 
















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