Two days after a 60 tonne feed!

Today the orca were HUNGRY again!! Two days after their BIGGEST FEED of a 60 tonne blue whale, the orca were ready and rearing to hunt. As we hit the hotspot we sighted our black and white friends instantly! With closer inspection we discovered two more pods in close proximity, El Notchos, Kai’s and Slim Shady’s pods were now ALL displaying predatory hunting behaviour. Three pods soon turned into six, none of which acknowledging the vessel as they were clearly preoccupied. It didn’t take long for the calm searching behaviour to escalate! The slowly rising orca began to porpoise in the distance, surging at the surface with white water warping around their bodies creating immense trails of spray, which was impossible to miss! As we picked up speed and approached the orca it was though they dropped back purposely, to ride our wake!  Orca started punching out of the swell so close that the spray was splashing our customers! Each cheer and scream made the orcas energy increase, launching further out of the water with each and every surface!!! One of the juveniles leaped so far out that its entire body and tail fluke was airborne!!!! This activity lasted over 5 minutes before the first pod started to dive! The other pods trailed closely behind, quickly encroaching on us! It wasn’t long before oil slicks dotted across the surface, and it was evident the orca had been successful once again! Cookie had a small piece of flesh in her mouth as she came alongside us, however it was too small to determine what their prey had been today! By this stage there were over 40 orca in the general vicinity of the kill, all of which seemed to be feeding on their own prey, this time not needing to share! As predicted, the orca became more social once they’d had a feed! The rest of the day consisted of countless close interactions, turning upside down swimming from  our port to starboard, making a fun game for the customers, even blowing bubbles just below the surface! In total we had over 60 orca encountered over the day, among 5-6 pods (all of which, are indicative by the one dominant bull per family group). Tomorrow is going to be ROUGH, with over 4m swell, the orca will love it but our customers might not so you shall hear from us on Monday! 





























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