The orca were as relaxed as the calm ocean today! Almost sipping the air as they cruised and scanned the deep blue sub-basin amongst the “hotspot”. Of course, El Notcho had to make a close pass to let us know he was in the vicinity. El Notcho was closely shadowed by a juvenile male learning the ropes! After over an hour the orca still hadn’t come across anything substantial and started to disperse.  Two large males started to pick up some serious pace! Surging away from the vessel almost like a decoy but nothing eventuated from this quick change in behaviour and the pod reassembled beyond the borders of the hotspot. As we left the hotspot we sighted a HUGE splash of white water over 1km away! We got everyone inside and boosted toward the commotion! As we approached the activity our assumptions were confirmed, SPERM WHALES! The closer we got the more we spotted!! Sperm whales were rising from the depths at every angle, both near and far! 45 degree angle blows appearing across the surface as far as the eye could see! As the giant prehistoric looking creatures rose from the depths we also noticed a large group of over 20 individuals that were accompanied by their calves!!! The sperm whales are a regular appearance in the canyon but not with their calves this early! We estimate that there were over 150 sperm whales at Knobs head surrounding us today! As they milled and logged at the surface for over 20 minutes it is likely they were recovering from a DEEP dive! Sperm whales dive to over 2000m in some parts of the canyon to retrieve and feed on both GIANT and COLOSSAL squid! It is estimated that between 150-300 MILLION TONNE of squid are consumed by sperm whales worldwide EVERY year!!!!! On our way back to the hotspot after that mind blowing experience we came across the most docile and ENORMOUS sunfish that we have ever seen!!! He cruised around the stern for ages, giving us so many close views as he passed right beside us! Lastly on our way back to the harbour a MEGA pod of common dolphins rode our wake, punching past us with their TINY new born calves to ride the bow with us! Another epic day full of young, juvenile and calf interactions!!! Let’s protect the next generation! 





















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