Who's the KING of the CANYON?

The FIRST sighting of an orca in the canyon was questioned for over a week, Dave Riggs told himself that it must’ve been a birds wing or fatigue playing tricks on his mind, coming to the conclusion that this was the most logical explanation. People questioned, HOW could an ORCA, which has previously only been seen in areas of extremely cool waters, be seen off the continental shelf of AUSTRALIA?! Over the coming weeks multiple sightings of not only the FIRST orca, but to this date, the LARGEST orca to EVER be seen in the canyon were confirmed, naming A380 as the KING of the canyon! The near 2m dorsal fin far exceeds the fin of any other bull that now patrols these nutrient rich waters. The last confirmed sighting of our magnificently majestic bull A380 was in March 2017. Over recent days we have had multiple observations of large males with HUGE dorsal fins, with the crew suggesting A380 may have been amidst the depths! We were so excited at the fact that the KING may have RETURNED!!!! However A380s dorsal was already so erect when Riggsy first sighted him over 10 years ago, suggesting he was already physically mature and may in fact, now be deceased! Today was a unique experience! We had FIVE large bulls all within close proximity of each other and our vessel! We positively identified El Notcho, Mako, Maleko, our new bull Isosceles as well as a sprouting male that we have named Slim Shady for our reference. There was no animosity amongst men...for now BUT, someone has to step up and be KING of the canyon, stay tuned to find out how the story of the Bremer orcas will unfold throughout the season! However let us not forget, this is a matriarchal society.















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