As we steamed out to the Canyon today we sighted a mola mola (sunfish) off the bow of the boat. Some of the customers at the stern were lucky to get a brief glance before it quickly fluttered away in an awkward manner (they truly are the most strange looking creatures). We encountered two bulls today, Blackberry and Chalkie (who we shall now name blackboard as he has lost his white marking on his dorsal fin). The first pod we approached was split in two, females and juveniles in one group and males and sub-adults in the other. The juveniles were as playful as ever, spy hops, porpoises and breaches right beside the vessel! For customers first sight of orca this was a treat! The males were on the hunt, seeming as we had just missed a big kill! As the pod approached the vessel the bulls passed pieces of meat to the mothers and calves just below the surface! The ladies proceeded to show off their tasty treats for our customers, darting from bow to stern, port to starboard! We had no idea where to look! Luckily the crew on the top deck had a better view, screaming directions at as left right and centre! You’ll have to check out our gopro footage to see how close the orca were! Eyeballing the camera as though they were looking at their own reflection! The intelligence of these animals is almost hard to fathom! Lucky for us they haven’t developed legs to walk on land…because we would be out smarted! 












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