Suns Out!



What a beautiful day to be out on the water!

Calm and ridiculously clear water as well as a cloudless, sunshine filled sky meant for a relaxing day out on the water searching for orca!


Once again we were greeted by a pod of 15 common dolphin’s porpoising and breaching out of our vessels wake!

Gliding along the surface making the most of the sunshine today was a 1m long Hammerhead Shark!

Seeing as though basking in the sun was the theme of the day, a beautiful big spotty sunfish and large gooey jellyfish lazed on the surface and we were treated to an awesome full body view of both as the water clarity was unrivalled!


We were also treated to sperm whales! It is rather uncommon to be seeing a large amount of spermies this early in the season but they have been an absolute delight for our passengers! Seeing these giants logging at the surface is thrilling as we know once their tail lifts they are descending deep below to snack on their favourite, squid!


All eyes were intensively scanning the water as there was no sign of our black and white friends. Since we are in a wild environment, it can be very unpredictable and on days like today we offer our passengers the chance to return again tomorrow or within the year for another shot at experiencing the amazing orca! Unfortunately it was time to go home, with a quick stop at Glasse Island on the way! This was still another magical day out in the Southern Ocean!!










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