The weather was perfect, crystal clear waters and not a breath of wind to start of the day! We soon came across two mother/calf pairs that were cruising out in the depths of the bay. The mothers placed themselves between our vessel and their calves as a sign of caution. This behaviour is common amidst first encounters. As the mothers get used to the vessel (and the calves develop curiosity) they let their guard down and allow the persistent youngsters to nudge closer to the boat (and the cheering customers!). Once the calves built up enough courage they picked up speed, diving right alongside and beneath the boat! The mums were never far behind, keeping a close eye on their young! As the group ventured away from the vessel we were lucky enough to witness one of the pairs breaching, head lunging and tail slapping within close proximity to the boat! Encountering a mother teaching her calf energetic activity like this was a rare and incredible spectacle for all our customers!!! Truly a great day in Geographe Bay for Whale Watching in Busselton



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