Yesterdays tours were FULL of action! We quickly came across a lone humpback, from afar we that the individual looked looked quite small as as we approached we would likely find a mother and its calf. As we came closer there was no mother in sight! This lone calf seemed quite distressed, so much so that the calf was nudging up along side our vessel for refuge from the depths! The calf seemed weak and its breaths were shallow. For over 20 minutes it didn't leave the surface, it couldn't even lift its fluke out of the water to dive deep. There was concern among the customers and crew as the calf slowly circled the boat. Nature truly is a tough sight at times! In the distance we could see two humpbacks breaching repeatedly! As we approached they didn't stop! Two large bulls put on a GREAT show for our customers for over 30 minutes! A lot of our adult males have already left the Bay, starting their long journey toward the Southern Ocean so it was a pleasant sight to spot these two (and a good distraction from the earlier event)! We were curious whether we would come across our lone calf again on our afternoon tour. Surely enough the poor calf approached our vessel yet again and it wasn't far from the morning location point. We are unsure what exactly was wrong with the calf as there were no external injuries, we just hope he makes it! Stay tune for our weekly update on our whale watching in Dunsborough tour!


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