Its "BLUE" weather

31.10.18. Well the LAST day of October didn't disappoint! As we picked up the customers from the shore yesterday they asked.."How are the whales"? To answer that simply...The whales are GREAT guys! We stated that it felt like bluuuuuue weather yesterday morning, calm waters, slightly overcast and a gleam at the surface and you know what! We weren't wrong! I might just add that it was coming to the end of the tour and the customers were starting to question us for a little while there! BUT a BIG thank you to the dedicated volunteers at the Point Piquet because we got a message to say BLUES AHEAD! The customers all ran to the bow, ALL EYES were on deck, scanning the waters in front of us! It didn't take long, two LARGE bursts of water vapour with the slightest glimpse of grey at the surface! The giant blue freight trains were steaming towards the vessel with footprints trailing behind making it easy to track their swift movements. After a large U-turn at the bow the blues popped up right beside us as we waited out of gear. In moments the blues were charging past the port side, all you could here was the clicking of cameras and the customers (and crews) cheers! We followed alongside the worlds LARGEST living marine mammal until we had got the shots we needed. The boat was full of content customers yet again! We love our job and the customers make it EVEN better! Truly, whale watching in Busselton did not disappoint! 




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