Competition Pod

October 28, 2018

We had a group of feisty bulls (large male humpbacks)that were very surface active yesterday! We commonly see energetic activity like this on the animals northern migration as they all compete for a females attention. The bulls were displaying many boisterous manoeuvres including head lunges, peduncle swipes and loud vocalisations as they exhaled at the surface whilst chasing the female. The pod came very close to the vessel! The group consisted of over 8-9 mature adults which circled the boat, popping up at every angle for over 30 minutes! The energy in which these animals would've been exerting throughout this encounter would have been large! Geographe Bay, a great place for whale watching in Dunsborough is an area where our humpbacks tend to be resting and conserving the energy supplies they have left as they come to the end of their Migration, this was definitely NOT the case yesterday! It is easy to say our customers were VERY lucky to encounter such behaviour! 



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