Curious Calves!

October 26, 2018

Another jam packed day of tours and WHALES galore! Humpbacks were the main attraction across the three tours, from mums and calves to pods of energetic bulls! We love watching the interactions between a mother/calf pair change towards the boat over the course of their stay in the bay. The first sighting commonly has the mum placing herself between us and the calf as a precautionary manoeuvre whist we idle along side the pair from a distance. The next few encounters we see the calf becoming more curious and might I add, quite persistent! pushing its way towards us whilst the mother attempts to nudge the cheeky calf away from the vessel. The mother generally gives up the battle with her calf or relaxes right down within a day or two depending on the individual. It's a great experience for the customers and crew to see a relaxed pair right along side the boat! Yesterdays tours had multiple encounters like this! Especially the afternoon sunset tour where a calf breached repeatedly right beside us as the mum hung back and cruised along with ease! The calves have been looking very healthy and the energetic activity is a good sign that they're strong enough for the journey ahead! Stay tune for our next whale watching in Busselton update!



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