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Augusta Whale Watching – WE’RE BACK!

Published on June 3, 2020 By Pia Markovic

03.06.2020   Augusta Whale Watching   Wide open space, blue uninterrupted water all the way to the horizon, fresh salt spray and the gentle rock of the waves. Whale watching tours are regarded as one of the top wildlife encounters to do in your lifetime! Whether you’re a first time whale watcher or a seasoned […]

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The 2020 Bremer Bay killer whale Wrap-up!

Published on April 21, 2020 By brelsdon

This has been our 6th season circumnavigating the Bremer Bay killer whale hotspot! We ventured further, witnessed RARER encounters AND had our socks knocked off MORE than EVER before!    Every season enables us to uncover more about the killer whales of the southwest, making our entire team more experienced and knowledgeable for the benefit […]

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Surfing, Surging & Signing off!

Published on March 22, 2020 By brelsdon

The morning in our Orca Watching Adventure in Bremer Bay started off with a pilot whales feeding frenzy! Dozens of pilot whales were chopping and changing direction at the surface, with only glimpses between the white-cap ridden waves as the swell washed over them. Small oil slicks began to appear all around us. Hundreds of […]

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Short, Sharp and Successful!

Published on March 21, 2020 By brelsdon

The grey skies painted a very ominous feeling this morning, and for a very good reason! An oil slick caught our eye in an instant. A successful orca predation before 10 am! The glistening liquid dispersed for at LEAST half a mile! Four pods were scattered amidst the oily remains and dark blood ridden waters.  […]

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Its well and truely BLUE!!!

Published on March 20, 2020 By brelsdon

Hey, I’m Julia and I’m lucky enough to be this week’s marine intern! Our day started with a very RARE and unexpected sighting of more than six BLUE WHALES! The animals varied in age and size quite significantly! The mother/calf pair were the closest to shore, tracking along he 70-meter contour mark which is well before […]

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