Experience Whale Watching in Dunsborough’s Picturesque Seaside

Dunsborough Whale Watching

Naturaliste Charters offer extraordinary Dunsborough Whale Watching Experiences that depart daily from September through to early December. Each experience is led by a fully qualified marine biologist, whose knowledge and passion for Western Australia’s marine wildlife is unequaled in the industry. We encourage you to bring our own reusable drink bottle and keep cup if you can to help minimise single use plastic and help combat our war on waste. Complimentary coffee, herbal teas, filtered water and biscuits will complete your comfort on board.

Travel in style and comfort on board the Alison Maree

The Alison Maree is the largest and most comfortable vessel in the region providing first class safety and stability. Alison Maree is a 20M Catamaran built in Western Australia in 2012 she has a passenger capacity of 90 and is perfect for people of all ages. Our Dunsborough departure is very family friendly offering 2x modern toilets, a change table for your little one if needed and plenty of room for a stroller. Please note if you wish to bring a stroller on board it will need to be light as we do board from the beach and it will need to be carried over the sand, our crew can then assist from there. We have life jackets on board available for both children and adults for peace of mind, however operating in the calm waters of Geographe Bay most people are comfortable without them.

​Don’t let beach boarding scare you…
Dunsborough is one of the best places in Australia to sight whales, (voted second best location in Australia in 2018) however there is no Marina facilities here so we have had to be very clever and come up with a way to board passengers comfortably on to a large vessel.

We have fully engineered a ramp complete with handrails, you walk over this (to avoid getting wet feet) and take a step in to our fully maintained tender vessel Indi Maree, we then transfer you to our larger vessel where you simply take a few comfortable steps to get on board. This adds to the experience and the kids seem to love it!

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Expedition Details

Duration: 2.0 hours Please allow up to 3 hours depending on wildlife sightings

Bonus inclusions - Join Naturaliste Charters on a Whale Watching tour and receive 20% off Lunch or Dinner at Augusta Hotel, Equinox Bar & Cafe Busselton OR 15% at Occy's Dunsborough
Please be on time as we cannot wait for you. Please arrive at the departure point 15 - 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time so we can board all passengers and depart on time, which means more time with the whales!
Dates: 1st September to early December
Departure time
Departing 10am & 2pm daily 
4:30pm Sunset Tour - mid-September to end of November (minimum of 10 adults or equivalent required to confirm this tour)
Pro Fisherman's Boat Ramp, Geographe Bay Road, Dunsborough (opposite McDermott St, Quindalup), approximately five minutes drive from the Dunsborough town centre.

Available Dates

Dunsborough Whale Watching Southern Migration

Experience the southern migration of the great whales from the picturesque seaside town of Dunsborough. This incredible journey is the longest migration of any mammal on earth. From the beginning of September, humpback whales return to the feeding grounds of Antarctica. In October, we begin to see blue whales in the bay as they too head south. The southern migration is special. In the protective care of their mothers, calves leave their birthplace in the tropical north and make the epic trek south to Antarctic waters for the first time, an incredible journey for a baby just months old. The calm, protected waters of Geographe Bay offer a welcome respite to the weary wanderers, an opportunity to rest before crossing an entire ocean for the first time.

Cruise on the calm blue bay, waters so clear you can see the emerald seagrass meadows below, the foundation of an ecosystem more productive than a coral reef, and a nursery for some of our most highly prized fish species.

The relaxed cetacean visitors are unconcerned by our careful and respectful approach. Be enthralled as curiosity outweighs caution and a calf approaches our vessel, or nurses in the shallows as you watch. Feel an incredible sense of awe as you appreciate the sheer size of the largest animals on earth, often swimming so close you will hear them breathe.

As we drift peacefully past the stunning shores, see fur seals resting between fishing expeditions on the rocks. Look out for sea eagles and ospreys soaring overhead, while petrels and shearwaters skim the surface and diving gannets drop from the sky to capture fish in the depths. Pods of common and bottlenose dolphins often join our tours, surfing alongside, or treating us to stunning aerial acrobatic displays.

​We look forward to welcoming you on board for a Dunsborough Whale Watching Tour with Naturaliste Charters.