Things to do in Albany

Looking for things to do in the stunning town of Albany, then you have come to right place! 

Albany is located approximately 408kms south of Perth or 482kms from Esperance.

Albany is apart of the Great Southern Region, home to the beautiful Stirling Ranges, the Torndirrup National Park and also the last port of call for troopships departing Australia in the First World War.

There is so much to see and learn here in Albany, including but not limited to

1. Whale Watching

Join Naturaliste Charters for a Whale Watching tour departing from the Albany Water Front Marina twice daily from June – August.  Naturaliste Charters are the founders of whale watching in the south west and have been operating tours for over 25 years.

2. Explore the Gap at Torndirrup National Park

Lookouts at both The Gap and Natural Bridge provide outstanding views of the Southern Ocean and the coast from Bald Head to West Cape Howe.

Visitors to The Gap can venture onto a new accessible viewing platform 40 metres directly above the surging seas in all but the worst weather conditions. From the gentle and mesmerising heaving of calm seas to the buffeting rush of wind and spray of winter storms the experience changes from day to day.

3. Albany’s Historic Whaling Station – Discovery Bay

Albany’s Historic Whaling Station is the only experience of its kind in the world.

Explore an intact whale processing factory and whale chasing ship – fully restored and ready for you to discover.

The Cheynes Beach Whaling Company was the last whaling company to cease operations in Australia, closing in 1978. Opening in 1980 (known then as Whale World), it is now home to an interactive museum on whales and whaling.

Join a tour of the whaling factory with our passionate guides to gain an informative overview of the stations operations, and then discover the many additional exhibits at your own pace.  Guided 40 minute tours run on the hour 10am to 3pm daily and are included with ticket entry.

4. Enjoy a meal at Due South

Nestled on the waterfront of Princess Royal Harbour this Kitchen-Bar showcases the best the region has to offer, the local fish of the day is always our favourite!

5. Visit the National Anzac Centre

Opened for Albany’s Anzac centenary commemorations in late 2014, this superb museum remembers the men and women who left by convoy from Albany to fight in WWI. Excellent multimedia installations provide realism and depth to the exhibitions, and there is a profound melancholy in the museum’s location overlooking the same expansive body of water the troop ships left from.

If the above isn’t enough to keep you busy during the months of January – April take a drive to Bremer Bay to join Naturaliste Charters on a Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expedition and while your there why not adventure into the beautiful Fitzgerald National Park, a nature lovers paradise!


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